Public Spaces


Throughout their stay at Danskammer House, guests are invited to use the inn’s public spaces, indoors and out. On the first floor, they have access to the Dutch-inspired living room featuring a transformed 19th century coal-burning fireplace, a Victorian-inspired dining room with another historic fireplace and large bay windows, and the garden room with expansive, east-facing windows looking out to our landscaped patio, gardens, and terrace. The front porch, the rear patio, and the walled outdoor fireplace terrace are delightful places to linger with a last cup of coffee in the morning or to enjoy a drink at day’s end in fair weather. Or on a rainy or cold day, guests might want to escape to the sunrise and sunset lounges upstairs and, with a cup of tea or other beverage in hand, search for barges on the river, espy commuter trains speeding along its shoreline, or simply read a good book, watch a movie, or listen to some musical artist newly discovered the night before at the Falcon music hall. In any season, guests are encouraged to inspect our vegetable gardens, berry patches, small fruit orchard, grape vines, herb garden, or cottage floral beds.

Andrew Jackson Downing Garden Room

Each morning the innkeepers serve breakfast in the morning light-infused Downing Garden Room with its many windows facing out to our backyard patio, terrace, orchard, and gardens and the Hudson River and Taconic Mountains in the distance.  The room is decorated in cheerful shades of soft green, tan, and cream, and its walls are covered with paintings of the nearby estate gardens of Springside, Matthew Vassar’s country retreat outside Poughkeepsie, designed by America’s foremost landscape architect of the 19th century and local resident, Andrew Jackson Downing.

A multi-course breakfast is served in the Downing Garden Room at small tables for each guest suite, with spill-over service of shared breakfast items at a self-service table in the Cropsey Dining Room.  In fair weather, the innkeepers may serve breakfast occasionally on the outdoor patio, or, in very inclement weather, in the Cropsey Dining Room by a winter fire.

A wall-hung television and piped in NPR programming may help guests catch up on the day’s news as breakfast is served and they linger with a last cup of tea or coffee.

Jasper Cropsey Dining Room

In general, the innkeepers reserve the formal dining room for family celebrations and special group events, but invite guests to enjoy breakfast by the fireplace on cold mornings and linger by the big bay windows afterwards. The room is anchored by Jasper Cropsey’s famous painting of the Hudson Highlands bathed in pink and purple hues of a setting sun. Oriental carpets and finely crafted walnut furniture complete the ensemble.

Fitz Hugh Lane Living Room

The innkeepers are always pleased to chat with guests in the Lane Living Room in front of the 1870 fireplace and offer them suggestions for daily activities and special events in the greater Hudson Valley.  The living room is framed by one of Fitz Hugh Lane’s most evocative marine landscapes with sailing ships navigating choppy waters in New York Bay with perspectives on the 19th century city skyline rising in the background.  Delft blue porcelain, oriental rugs, and Victorian seating define the decor.

Frederick Church Sunrise & Sunset Lounge

On the third floor, the innkeepers have reimagined a formerly dusty attic as an expansive family multimedia lounge with comfortable chairs and window seats, as well as bar stools at the small coffee and wine bar.  Soft carpeting and many pillows blanket lounge surfaces, and the various nooks and crannies under the eaves of the old house’s angular roof lines suggest private places to relax, read, listen to music, or surf the internet.

Church Lounge windows frame perspectives on the village and its neighborhoods in all four directions, and the large east-facing dormer window, in particular, affords panoramic views out to our backyard gardens, village rooftops, the Hudson River below, and the Taconic Mountains on the horizon.  The lounge is a relaxing place to watch a Hudson Valley sunrise or sunset in the same luminous atmosphere that attracted artists such as Frederick Church, who painted numerous daybreaks and twilights in the region and established his own picturesque retreat, Olana, farther north in the Valley.

Guests are most welcome to climb the stairs to enjoy a first cup of coffee or tea in the Church Lounge or to return to Danskammer House from a day of beverage tours with their own private selection of locally sourced wine, beer, cider, or other spirits and use the stemware provided at the wine bar.  In inclement weather, the innkeepers may occasionally serve afternoon tea in this setting.

The Church Lounge is also the most media-friendly and technology-rich environment at Danskammer House.  Many ethernet connections and electrical outlets around the perimeter of the lounge provide ways to be plugged directly into the internet, in addition to Danskammer’s robust WiFi system, and to power up battery-operated equipment.  Bookcases filled with old books, a media library of CDs, LPs and videos, a stereo system, and a larger screen television offer many entertainment options.  The Church Lounge might even surprise with bags of popcorn or other treats as late-night snacks for media-starved guests.