Morning Breakfasts


The innkeepers are pleased to offer Danskammer guests a hearty breakfast each morning that will be sourced from our own gardens and local purveyors of meat, eggs, dairy, grains, vegetables and fruits in the surrounding Hudson Valley. Whenever conditions permit, breakfasts will use fresh ingredients in season or preserved or dried products in winter. Danskammer breakfasts typically will feature a fruit course, a protein (or vegetable) course, a sweet or savory bread option, along with an assortment of hot beverages. Breakfast menus and service hours will be published daily on a menu board in the Downing Garden Room the prior evening. Guests are asked to alert the innkeepers of any food allergies or any food preferences at the time of reservation. The innkeepers will try to accommodate business or vacationing guests who may have an early travel schedule by providing an earlier breakfast option. Typically, breakfast will be served in the Downing Garden Room, although in especially fair or inclement weather, other indoor or outdoor settings may be offered.