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Our credo is to welcome guests from across America and around the world to the warm hospitality of Danskammer House and to share with them the natural environments of our majestic river and mountains, bucolic kills and hills that define the Hudson region in our eyes and, we trust, will charm you as visitors.  Local historical events and cultural traditions have helped to shape the New World from the days of European discovery and to define a distinctive American tradition of arts, letters, and customs.  We invite guests to explore the highlights and sometimes hidden vestiges of a rich natural and cultural heritage.

Born in Missouri and Pennsylvania, the innkeepers, Linda and Ken Cool, have lived in the Hudson Valley for more than thirty years, and have traveled in that interval to all fifty states and many foreign countries.  We remain convinced, like the Hudson River School artists who discovered a picturesque landscape of unparalleled beauty long ago, that we live in a very special place.

Anthropologist and linguist, retired from long careers in higher education and the non-profit world, we wish to help our visitors, whether American or international, translate the defining culture and language and geography of the Hudson Valley.  So call upon us if you would like recommendations about historical places, cultural venues, educational institutions, scenic drives, outdoor recreation opportunities, dining options, beverage tours, agritourist ventures, and other resources of the greater Hudson Valley.  We welcome your inquiries and your insights, in return.

Please contact the innkeepers at Danskammer House through any of the following channels:

Post:                5 West Street, Box 553, Marlboro, NY 12542

Phone:             (845) 236-9836

Welcome to Danskammer House Bed & Breakfast and the Hudson Valley.