Registration Process:  Check in is between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. We can accommodate later arrivals if you telephone us earlier on the day of your arrival. Check out is by 11:00 a.m.

Non-Discrimination:  Danskammer House welcomes guests regardless of race, creed, ethnic background, national origin, sexual orientation, or other personal identities.  The multilingual innkeepers encourage dialogue, practice discretion, and request mutual tolerance among members of the temporary community of guests and hosts.  Travelers uncomfortable with such policies are encouraged to find other lodging options.  The innkeepers reserve the right, at their discretion, to ask disruptive guests to vacate the premises and forfeit all payments.

Good Neighbors:  Danskammer House exists within a broader social context, and the innkeepers ask our guests to respect the cultural norms of our small village.  Please treat our neighborhood and neighbors with the same respect and friendliness that you would practice in your own home community.

Parking:  Danskammer House has made special efforts to accommodate one car for every guest suite as part of our off-street parking plan.  Guests are asked to park only briefly in front of the house to discharge or reload passengers and their luggage.  Please note that we cannot accommodate oversized vehicles, but will be happy to direct travelers to a nearby municipal parking lot a block away.

Environment:  The innkeepers take pride in keeping the property tidy, in recycling materials whenever possible, and in limiting our claims on natural resources.  In that spirit, we ask our guests to be environmentally sensitive.  Please inform us if you prefer to have bedroom and bathroom linens replaced every day.  Otherwise, we will tidy your room daily and replace linens on every third day for guests who will be staying at Danskammer House for a longer period.

Additional Guests and Children:  Guest rooms at Danskammer House accommodate a maximum of two guests per room and are not configured for rollaway beds or cots.  The innkeepers will make diligent efforts to accommodate and book other rooms for all guests in your party, including children who are 12 and older.  If younger children are part of a large party that has booked the entire inn, they are welcome if they are well behaved and under parental supervision.

Cancellations: If you need to cancel your reservation, please notify the innkeepers by phone or by email at least 10 days prior to arrival for a full refund.  If our cancellation policy is not satisfied, guests will be charged for the entire scheduled stay, unless the innkeepers are able to rebook the room(s).  Multiple reserved rooms require a two-week advance notice of cancellation.

Smoking Out of respect for all guests, the innkeepers do not allow smoking anywhere inside the  house or on outdoor porches and patios where other guests may congregate.

Pets: Out of respect for other guests, the innkeepers do not allow pets on the property.  We will be happy to provide information about and directions to an award-winning local boarding facility a few miles away.

Damaged Property: The inn is a private family residence, filled with our furniture, fixtures, and belongings that we invite our guests to use and enjoy. Please take care of our belongings as you would your own.  We understand that equipment may malfunction and objects may become damaged or broken.   Please report any such issues immediately to the innkeepers.  If problems are not reported, the innkeepers will infer that damage to or disappearance of inn property of any kind was a negligent or willful act, and they reserve the right, at their discretion, to document the loss and to bill the guest for all necessary repair or replacement expenditures through the booking payment method on record.